Entrepreneurs Share Ticket 2 Success

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Brian Kelly and Sean Koski.

What do “Real Housewives of New York City,” “Project Runway,” The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, “CBS Big Brother,” East End Taste, and the ordinary bride have in common? They all use Ticket2Events to execute events.

Brian Kelly and Sean Koski are the creative duo behind Delray Beach-based Ticket2Events, a production management company that takes on clients in the Delray area, New York City, the Hamptons, and beyond. It all started when partners in life and business, Kelly and Koski, met while they were still in college, attending Lynn University and Palm Beach University, respectively. They each worked for other people at the time, and realized how much time and energy was being wasted for someone else’s idea. In coming together, their ideas could be unified as one, and a business plan was born.

Now, they are celebrating eight years of their ticket to success.

“We’re able to do different events and create new feelings for people. The number one thing that people are doing in business now is they want more than just a social media interaction, they want to have people talk about the product. People are more interested in the takeaway that they received from an event or an experience,” said Koski.

Jill Zarin was their first big client in the Hamptons. The list now includes Kristen Taekman and East End Taste’s Hamptons Influencer Brunch. “More events now are looking for interactive things. Since we did that so early on, I think that’s what brought us to where we are now,” he said.

Koski predominately takes on the managerial role, while Kelly leans towards the creative side. The two said that communication is the key to a successful business, especially when being entrepreneurial with the one you are dating. Together, the two millennials, who are still in their 20s, are executing successful business-to-consumer interactive experiences on the East End.

Learn more or hire them directly at www.ticket2events.com.

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