Kombat-cha Gives Kick Of Energy

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What do you do when you don’t like the way something is done? Do it yourself.

Charity Robinson never liked the taste of kombucha, so she decided to try making it herself. Eight years ago, on the tiny island of Mustique in the Caribbean, Robinson began crafting unique flavors and timing the fermentation process to her liking. When friends got a taste of her new hobby, they immediately encouraged her to sell it to the public.

She called it Kombat-cha, a play on the word combat and the start of her name, Charity, which coincides with the Korean word for tea.

“I lived in South Korea for a time and discovered the importance of fermented foods and drinks,” Robinson said.

She officially launched Kombat-cha with business partner, Romi Sloan, at the end of May. Current flavors are Linger, a mix of lavender and ginger, Lemon Bomb, with lemon balm and spirulina (blue/green algae), and Fire, a turmeric and ginger mix.

Kombat-cha consumption depends on each individual diet, however the broad recommended dose is four ounces, and the benefits speak for themselves. Kombucha is considered good bacteria for the body, ridding the bad bacteria that oftentimes sits within digestive walls. Proven health benefits include improvement of digestion, weight loss, increased energy, detoxification, immunity support, and reduction of joint pain. It’s a remedy that dates back over 2000 years but only made its way to health trend roughly 15 years ago, according to Robinson.

“The idea of a fermented drink that can benefit our health and bodies resonates very closely to me. The overall feel I get after drinking kombucha brings out a specific energy with in me, a little kick of energy but not with the ‘up’ like coffee or regular caffeinated tea.”

When Robinson moved out to the East End four years ago, she immediately fell in love upon a visit to a yoga festival at the Hayground School. After traveling the world for 15 years, she finally found a place worthy enough to call home. In that time since, she’s expanded her sense of joy, peace, and movement to businesses in yoga and certain programs under the branding of Charity Joy Movement. Meanwhile, Kombat-cha is set to become maximized in the local market with placement in farm stands, yoga studios, even on tap on select restaurants and bars.

“We’re looking at possibilities of getting kombucha in the schools as a future goal. Kombucha coincides directly with how I live my life. I choose to be a conscious being on this planet and of what I’m putting into my body, and helping people with theirs is the ultimate goal,” she said.

Be on the lookout for upcoming fall flavors brewing on the horizon. Kombat-cha is currently playing around with pear, hibiscus, and ginger. Visit www.charityjoymovement.com.

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