Air, Land, And Sea

Courtesy HIFF

One of the Hamptons International Film Festival’s signature programs — Air, Land, & Sea — will present three films. The series aims to generate awareness about man-made environmental issues.

Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s “Earth” examines the impacts of human activity in the Anthropocene era. Several billion tons of earth is moved annually by humans — with shovels, excavators, or dynamite. Geyrhalter observes people in mines, quarries, and large construction sites across seven locations that are literally moving mountains as they struggle to appropriate the planet.

The world premiere of Anthony Baxter’s “Flint,” puts a spotlight on the Michigan water crisis caused by a change in the source of the city’s drinking water from treated Lake Huron to Flint River, which had not received proper attention and resulted in serious health issues that ranged from coliform bacteria to chlorine byproducts and the leaching of lead. The film, told from the views of residents as opposed to politicians, is narrated by Alec Baldwin. There will be a screening Friday, October 11, at 3 PM that’s followed by a 5 PM panel moderated by Nicole Delma.

The section will also include Brett Story’s “The Hottest August,” which is deemed as a complex and nuanced portrait of New York City during the month of August 2017 — and its inhabitants in the age of climate change, with excerpts from Zadie Smith, Karl Marx, and Annie Dillard.

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