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Sannino Vineyard
Sannino’s Petit Verdot

Sannino Vineyard in Cutchogue is inviting the community to take part in its sustainable viticulture practices through the new-and-improved Vine to Wine membership program.

Started in 2007 by Anthony and Lisa Sannino, Vine to Wine is a $3000-per-couple exclusive inviting members to become part-time vintners. Sannino’s team, Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing certified, guides others to learn the winemaking process from the very beginning stages, and in all cellar activities. Members will harvest the grapes, crush them, ferment the wine, press, rack, and prune. There’s even barrel tasting.

“It’s hands on. People are actually involved in everything that we do commercially to produce wine,” Anthony Sannino said. “They are a partner in harvesting the grapes. It’s a full-day event. They witness and take part in checking for the pH and sugars. They’re tasting and they’re developing benchmarks for a finished wine they won’t get until one year later.”

Sannino has been involved in wine making since he was 13 years old. It all started while visiting Ischia, a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. Alongside his uncle, Sannino began learning about grapes in the very cellar his great grandfather produced from. Years later, in 2006, he and his wife, Lisa, purchased their own vineyard.

The Vine to Wine program is a multi-week process, spanning across five or six visits. Beyond producing the wine itself, it’s about connecting to the vineyard and investing in it emotionally, not just physically. The membership brings likeminded people together and also includes eight cases of member-only wines, two tickets to the annual Harvest Festival around Columbus Day — plus discounted tickets for additional guests, two art of blending class tickets, complimentary tasting for two per visit, unlimited wine tours for two, picnicking rights on premise, a 20-percent discount on all other tastings and purchases, and a 15-percent discount if you stay at the property’s bed and breakfast.

Recently, the vineyard introduced Sannino Superiore, which includes all the above plus a custom-made wine with label.

“It’s geared to a different clientele that is a bit more specific about their own, custom wine,” Sannino said.

This holiday season, grab a bottle of Sannino’s Cabernet Franc to pair with all types of meals.

Sannino Vineyard Tasting House is located at 15975 Route 48 in Cutchogue. Learn more and sign up online at

[email protected]

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