For The Hull Of It

Independent/Courtesy Michele Dragonetti.

The Golden Eagle Studio 144 continues its artist series workshops and dinners “A Night Out With…” in collaboration with Nick & Toni’s on Wednesday, January 15. Artist Michele Dragonetti will kick off this year’s series with her recognizable photography work of the boat hull, a tribute to the area’s maritime heritage. The workshop will begin at 5:30 PM at the Golden Eagle Studio 144 and then the group will continue on to a two-course dinner at Nick & Toni’s next door, where participants will be invited to partake in food and conversation.

Dragonetti took her first photograph of a boat hull in a Montauk marina several years ago. “I saw a boat out of water, on stands, to be repaired. I was struck by the texture, colors, and structure, and photographed it in different angles and compositions. I ultimately decided on a square format to highlight the essential geometry of the images,” Dragonetti said. What began as a single image turned into an expansive series of works.

“Galadriel II” by Michele Dragonetti.

She’s traveled all over the world covering the compositions of the various triangle patterns, hues, and weathering of each unique hull, observing the colorful wooden fishing saveiros of Portugal and the Luzzus in Malta. “While there are unique aspects, ultimately, they are all very alike. It’s about celebrating what is unique and universal.”

She recalled a particular moment photographing a boatyard outside Havana, Cuba, where renowned writer Ernest Hemingway kept his boat. “Boats are a closely guarded resource in Cuba. I’m mindful of respecting the time of the people working on the boats. I have come across some fun and quirky names. There are so many: Vermonstah, Thunderduck, Waterfront Property, Wet Willy, S.O.B.”

Tickets are $85 per person and include the art workshop, all materials provided, and dinner including tax and tip.

Nick & Toni’s is located at 136 N. Main Street in East Hampton. Golden Eagle is located at 144 N. Main Street. Learn more at

[email protected]

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