Schultz Sworn In, Named President

Courtesy Southampton Town
Southampton Town Trustees Ed Warner Jr., Eric Schultz, Scott Horowitz, Bill Pell, and Ann Welker were sworn in January 7.

Eric Schultz was sworn in as a Southampton Town Trustee the day after being named president of the board.

At the group’s organizational meeting January 6, now former president Ed Warner Jr. stepped down after three years, and nominated Bill Pell for president due to his longevity on the board.

“I want to thank everybody for supporting me,” Warner said. “I have a lot on my plate in the coming year.”

Scott Horowitz seconded Warner’s motion, Ann Welker abstained, Pell said no, and Schultz, after looking to Pell, who shook his head, voted the motion down.

“I’d like to thank them for thinking of me as president, but I think there’s someone that could do a better job than I could,” Pell said.

He nominated Schultz. Warner abstained, while the rest of the board casted “yes” votes.

“I am looking forward to re-establishing relationships with other officials not only in this town but with other state and local leaders,” Schultz said. “The most important task is working closely with the town board so that we can both achieve the best environmental protection that the people of Southampton deserve. I’m excited for what the next two years can bring if we solidly work as a team.”

Schultz is a former trustee president who at the age of 17 became a member of the Southampton Town Conservation Board, on which he served for 20 years. He spent an additional 13 years on the planning board before being elected, then as a Republican, to the trustee board in 1994. Schultz has since switched parties, and stepped away from the board in 2017 after 22 years. The board now consists of two Republican party members, two Independents, and a Democrat.

As a trustee, Schultz helped get treated lumber banned in town waters, opposed a tax on saltwater fishing, and helped convince the state to recognize the trustees as a municipal corporation so they could buy land from the county to preserve and create additional access for the public.

Warner nominated Welker to secretary, a position held by Horowitz for the past three years, which the now-former secretary seconded. Schultz also approved the motion, while Pell voted it down. After a few moments, Welker let out a quiet “yes.”

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