A Good Pair


Soy and licorice-marinated quail, rigatoni mezze with a six-hour Merlot tomato sauce, grilled venison rib chop, foie gras mousse, and chocolate tart — these are just some of the flavors that debuted at the first in the new wine dinner series held at Wölffer Kitchen in Sag Harbor.

The inaugural dinner, held on January 19, themed “Extraordinary Merlot Library,” was one of three nights dedicated to an in-depth culinary experience. On Sunday, March 1, and again on Sunday, March 29, chef Michael Ronzino will prepare a unique array of cuisine suited for the chosen wine pairing by winemaker Roman Roth. Although the menu hasn’t been revealed just yet, judging by the first dinner, it will be toothsome.

Roth will guide guests through each dinner in a true immersive experience, as he shares anecdotes and details about both the wines and vineyard itself. “What makes it even more special is that we are serving some of our rarest wines from our library collection,” Roth said.

Tying in philanthropy, March 1 is the Grapes of Roth charity benefit. Proceeds will be donated to Fighting Chance, a free cancer counseling center serving the East End. For $125 per person, wines to make an appearance are 2007 and 2010 Grapes of Roth Rieslings, 2001, 2002, and 2016 Grapes of Roth Merlots, 2010 Grapes of Roth Merlot (Wine Spectator Top 100), and a 2009 Grapes of Roth Botrytis Late Harvest.

“I’ll also be there to answer any questions about the wine, winemaking, or the pairings,” Roth continued.

Concluding the series on March 29 will be a “Passion for Pinot Noir.” The evening’s lineup of wines will be a 1994 Pinot Noir, 1997 Pinot Noir for the first course; 2002 Pinot Noir, 2011 Landius PN along with the second; the third will go down with a 2013 Landius PN, 2017 Landius PN Pre-release, and dessert will pair with a 2006 Late Harvest Chardonnay Icewine.

Guests who aren’t available for this round of dinners can look forward to the summer months, as Roth and the Wölffer family are preparing for another outdoor dining series. “For the summer, we are already working again to organize our very popular ‘Grilling with Roman’ series. There will be three outstanding grilling nights that celebrate great food, fantastic wine, and outdoor entertaining,” said Roth.

Wölffer Kitchen is located at 29 Main Street in Sag Harbor. Visit www.wolfferkitchen.com for tickets.

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