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It’s a local subscription-based meal service that gives back. The goal is to eat clean, save time, save money, and save the planet.

Recently The Spur, a workspace with locations in East Hampton and Southampton, has partnered with local chefs Jon Albrecht and Nick Reisini to create the new meal service called Honest Plate. The concept came about as a way to service health conscious Spur members. Now they’re bringing their talents to the East End community.

The goal is to provide clean, delicious, and healthy prepared meals that are good for the body, wallet, and planet. They’re created by honest chefs, using honest ingredients. The dishes are based on the popular Whole30 nutrition philosophy, which aims to eliminate sugar, alcohol, dairy, grains, and legumes from your diet for 30 days. It’s said to help diners identify sources of inflammation and lose weight, while improving mental balance and sleep.

“I have done the Whole30 every January for the past five years with my wife,” said Honest Plate co-founder Ashley John Heather. “We have benefitted from a dramatic increase to our energy levels, overall wellbeing, and improved our sleep. Over the years, more and more of our friends have joined us, but the biggest barrier is all the food prep that comes with Whole30 as nothing can be processed. With Honest Plate, we are able to bring the benefits of Whole30 to the local community at a price point less than buying groceries.”

Soups like the roasted garlic and tomato or the creamy cauliflower serve as a nice starter. Each meal is provided with simple cooking and heating instructions. Entree highlights include dishes like flounder with charred citrus oil over pineapple ginger broccoli and cauliflower or the coconut curry chicken with garlic and ginger bok choy.

Honest Plate has partnered with local charity Fighting Chance, America’s oldest and largest free cancer counseling and resource center, serving the East End. For every 10 meals ordered, Honest Plate will donate a week’s worth of meals to cancer survivors.

“When cancer patients can’t cook for themselves — and that often happens after a chemo infusion, for example — they will not get the nutrition they need to withstand the debilitating side effects of anti-cancer drugs and radiation,” said founder and chairman of Fighting Chance Duncan Darrow. “As a nonprofit partner of Honest Plate, our charity will be able to solve the nutrition issue for some of our patients, who will be blessed with the donation of a dinner-for-two, provided up to five times a week. As Honest Plate grows, so will its generosity to Fighting Chance and our patients.”

Menus include those for the omnivore, pescatarian, plant-based, and a final option of “surprise me!” Each week comes with either three or five different meals, and can be ordered in serving sizes for one person, a couple, or a family of four. Prices start at $10 per meal.

Honest Plate has also partnered with The Wellness Foundation to provide vegan meal options.

“We needed a locally-sourced and price-conscious food delivery service on the East End,” said Michele Sacconaghi, the president and CEO of The Wellness Foundation. “We are happy to see that Honest Plate will offer an oil-free, plant-based option that aligns with Wellness Foundation’s Wellness Challenge 360 program.”

Honest Plate is also committed to being green and does not use single-use plastic. Meals are delivered in custom glass containers, which are returned each week and recycled.

“It’s important that we create both delicious and healthy meals, but also that we follow a zero-waste approach to minimize our impact on the planet,” said chefs Albrecht and Reisini in a statement. “All our food is prepared from scratch and any usable trimmings are re-used, with waste being composted.”

For more information, visit www.honestplate.com.

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