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It’s a match made in heaven. Or, in this case, Riverhead. In January, North Fork Chewing Company was born, a partnership between owner Kirsen Bonnes Moore and North Fork Brewing Company. NoFoChewCo, as it’s affectionately named, is a food truck situated right on property of the brewery itself, making it the perfect pairing.

Moore and Peter Barraud, co-founder of North Fork Brewing Company, have been friends since high school. “I knew I wanted to be a part of whatever he and Ian [Van Bourgondien] were doing. It could have been a petting zoo and I would have been trying to be involved.”

When the two men opened a brewery in 2018, Moore saw an opportunity to help grow their clientele. Without a traditional kitchen, a food truck brings satisfying bites on a budget suitable for the relaxed atmosphere. “Their product was one I believe in and wanted to be associated with. It was a win for all of us,” she said.

East End entrepreneurship runs in her family. Her grandfather owned a storefront on Main Street in Riverhead in the ’70s and her experience in hospitality dates back to bussing tables at 13 years old at one of her father’s East End restaurants. As she got older, she dabbled in hospitality marketing, sales management, and even managed a corporate hibachi chain. “I make great sushi,” Moore noted. “I always wanted to open something on the East End. The food truck and catering business allows me to have much more face-to-face interactions with customers on a daily basis than I would in a brick and mortar location.”

While North Fork Chewing Company is situated on-site, it’s ready to roll for private events and catering needs. With that, she created a menu with the conventional consumer in mind while also showcasing her talents for higher end off-premise catering. Think large charcuterie boards and hors d’oeuvres.

Independent/Michelle Demetillo

“Every recipe was curated with the beer in mind. Beer and food are a match made in heaven. Some people prefer to pair things that taste alike, but I am a fan of going with opposites. I prefer a really savory and heavy dish with something acidic and bright on the beer end,” Moore said.

The Pimento B&T goes well with Pierce the Ale West Coast IPA, or try the shrimp and mango briesadilla with Change NE IPA, she suggested. How about pairing a Chilijoe, a cross between sloppy Joe and chili, with It Must’ve Been Light but It’s Darker Now Bock/Dark Lager or a lemon meringue sandwish with Back to the Lacto sour saison?

Last weekend NoFoChewCo introduced new menu items — North Fork Cheese Steak made with NoFoBrewCo beer cheese, which pairs well with Shaolin Shadowboxer DIPA; and hash browns rancheros topped with beer cheese, seasoned beans, salsa, and sour cream which complements the Run the Juice NE IPA. The menu also includes kids options, such as grilled cheese and turkey wraps, and vegan choices. Moore plans on changing up the menu based on seasonality and customer feedback.

Beyond business, Moore hopes to inspire others, especially women. She said, “The dream is to be able to support and inspire young women in our community with mentorship. Assisting our younger generation in finding their craft and seeing their potential would be wonderful.”

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