Harmonious Earth And Sound

Independent/Courtesy Erika Haberkorn

Erika Haberkorn has been practicing different modalities of yoga for over two decades.

This became a guiding force behind her need to peruse sound vibrational healing. The idea originated 10 years ago, after the Shelter Island resident took a class at Bedford Hills-based Katonah Yoga. When the session came to a close and the instructor sounded a gong, it was an awakening moment. It led Haberkorn on a five-year search for spiritual classes and workshops, which eventually brought her to the Catskill Mountains. That’s where he discovered Woodstock Yoga and The Sage Sound Academy, and in 2016, where she obtained a certification as a sound vibrational practitioner.

But her exploration didn’t stop there.

She trained with gong master and renowned sound theorist Don Conreaux, and tuning fork inventor Dr. John Beaulieu.

Haberkorn now leads Harmonious Earth and Sound, which offers vibrational healing session workshops and energy balancing.

What the healer prides herself most on, though, are her elixirs. Haberkorn uses very little heat to preserve tinctures’ therapeutic properties, and all of her elixirs are locally sourced across the East End using organic herbs and fruits with molecular-infused filtered water.

Spring blends include harmony, an immune-booster with ginger, lemon, turmeric, fennel, and raw organic honey; balance, for balancing the endocrine system, made with elderberries, hibiscus, rose geranium, lemon, and agave syrup; peace, to calm all systems, made with lavender, chamomile, lemon verbena, nasturtium, and honey; and joy, which enhances the nervous system, made with mint, sage, cucumber, lime, and honey.

The elixirs will be available at local East End farmers markets and select gourmet shops in May. For more information, contact Harmonious Earth and Sound Vibrations at 631-833-9396 and follow the company on Instagram at @harmoniousearthsound.

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