Herrick Park Redesign Front And Center

An update on the Herrick Park redesign was a main topic of discussion at a Zoom-hosted East Hampton Village Trustee meeting May 7.

Ian Hanbach, of LaGuardia Design Group, presented a revised plan that addressed public concerns expressed after the first presentation in December.

There had been questions about the football field, which approaches occupying a quarter of the park’s available space. Adding clarification via email after the meeting, founder of the landscape architecture design firm, Chris LaGuardia, described it as “a multi-use lawn area that accommodates not only football, but soccer and rugby as well. There is also overlapping use to accommodate the baseball and softball fields. The large ‘great lawn’ is also perfect for large community gatherings and just hanging out playing with friends and family on a nice day.”

The public was able to view the meeting and invited to comment at the end via a provided phone number. Emails were also sent before the meeting.

A property owner who lives adjacent to the park was concerned about the noise that would accompany increased usage. She invited board members to come to her house to hear the already high sound levels. Her offer was accepted by several trustees, with arrangements to be made soon.

Also mentioned was the need for repairs to the tennis courts, which had damage severe enough for potential injuries to be sustained.

During the question-and-answer session that wrapped up the meeting, Jerry Larsen, a mayoral candidate, asked the board what plans were being made to add outdoor seating to local restaurants and other establishments to help reduce the loss of profit caused by recent challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the social distancing rules in place. Board members responded that considerations were being actively discussed.

The board also approved during Thursday’s meeting the purchase of tax liens — the amount not to exceed $85,239.69 — $13,310.95 to provide WiFi at Georgica Beach, and $447,799 for the purchase of two ambulances.

Members also approved the hiring of 2020 seasonal beach staff, as Suffolk County struggles to set usage terms of public spaces, including beaches.

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