The Greatest Party That Never Was

The Greatest Party That Never Was for the Southampton Animal Shelter.

Due to COVID-19, nonprofit organizations on the East End have had to cancel fundraising events, which are normally a major source of income, and some are getting creative. The Southampton Animal Shelter hosted The Greatest Party That Never Was on Thursday, April 30, and I was happy to attend after being asked to not show up, to forget the Uber, and to definitely not get my hair done. It was a very fake event for a very real cause that had to be missed.

After donating the ticket price on, I was sent an email with instructions. I was to send a photo — I chose one of myself, my husband, Joe, and Clementine, our senior rescue from SASF — to an email address at the shelter.

On Thursday, April 30, we were invited to watch on Facebook and Instagram to see who else didn’t show. A poster was created of all images and each submission was tagged on social media. The event raised more than $5000 and it was wonderful to know that it helped provide homeless pets with care and support.

And speaking of pets, this week The Independent announced the winners of its Cutest Pet Contest. Click here to see the winners, or head to our IGTV to see a video with all of the announcements. Clementine helped me announce the winner of best outfit and accessory, and by helped, I mean looked at me with confusion and immediately and removed her accessory (a bow I made out of ribbon I found in an old sewing kit). She’s very camera shy!

RGNY Wine Kit.

Joe and I celebrated our anniversary this week and while we would normally go to a restaurant or take a little trip, we had a quarantined celebration.

I ordered us a wine tasting and creating kit from RGNY Vineyard in Riverhead where you can blend your own wine. The kit comes with bottles of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Petit Verdot. It also came with two glasses, a wine opener, a beaker, placemats, and instructions.

We swirled, sipped, and laughed as we tried to create the perfect blend. It turns out the perfect blend is the one that RGNY came up for its 2018 Tinto (also included in the kit), so we recreated that with our ingredients. If you’re looking for a fun at-home activity, I would highly recommend.

On Sunday, I joined a Zoom session for the rescheduled “Rise Into Wellness” series of mini-retreats co-hosted by Tia Greene of Savour TV and nutritionist Charlotte LaGuardia of Thrive East that was scheduled to take place at SEVEN bed and breakfast on Shelter Island. The in-person series has been postponed until fall.

This Sunday’s meeting was to focus on “soul.” LaGuardia started us off with a much-needed guided meditation. Following the meditation, special guest Jill Paitchel from Find Home Harmony discussed ways to improve our living spaces. I chose our bedroom because it’s a blank slate that I haven’t done much with — I blame my old life’s usual hectic schedule. Now that I’m spending more time here, my goal, although small, is to add more good-for-the-soul plants, which I believe will bring much joy!

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