Tastings 2.0

Tastings 2.0

In 2001 Alexandra Morris launched her own catering company to reinvent French-American cuisine, with executive chef Cédric Durand. After nearly 20 years of catering to clients in New York City, Miami, and the Hamptons, Tastings is adapting to challenging times in an inventive way with Tastings 2.0, an organized virtual cocktail gathering experience delivered simultaneously to each varied guest.

When did Tastings 2.0 launch?

Tastings 2.0 launched in April 2020 and it has been responsive to the Hamptons community and residents. We have seen success during this climate. People are using Zoom, Google Chat, and House Party, but they’re only sharing a screen, not food and beverage. Tastings 2.0 brings meals and beverages to their guests’ house, organizing an event that can be shared with attendees whether in the Hamptons, New York, or Miami. Sharing a meal together brings a sense of normalcy.

It’s unique and perfect for the current times.

Yes, I agree, in the current times, it’s truly unique what we are offering. We had to come up with a creative and unusual way to entertain our guests. Whether you are celebrating a virtual birthday with family or a happy hour with colleagues, we can send you a bite size, lunch, or dinner to choose from.

Once the food selection is made, we can create the menu to be bespoke and compare with our wine and champagne selections, mixology kit, cakes, and flowers. We will deliver individual packages to every attendee’s home before the virtual celebration. If the client wishes to have one of our safe trained staff to service during the event, we can arrange that too.

Is there a limit to the number of guests?

Each event is handled on a case-by-case basis for logistics and accuracy for the virtual event. We can service up to 50 in the Hamptons, depending on lunch or dinner or for a cocktail reception.

How often is this service available?

Tastings 2.0 is available seven days a week and we also offer our weekly menu subscription “Let Us Cook for You” that can be paired with wines delivered on Wednesdays and Sundays to the Hamptons.

How did you and executive chef Cédric Durand partner up?

We worked together for many years. I first brought him to America on a visa in 2005 to work at Payard. From Payard, Cedric came to Tastings NYC and later became the executive chef of Tastings. He later came to our restaurant Gaudir, where he and I partnered together.

When did you launch in the Hamptons?

We have been assisting clients in the Hamptons for 20 years. Many of our clients from the Hamptons have residences on the Upper East Side and West Side, and entire Manhattan. Tastings has also partnered with Polo for the summer season, offering lunches for private cabanas.

What type of food do you offer?

We are bespoke and customer oriented. We love to listen our clients’ ideas and build menus around their expectations. Our multi-cultural team always strives to surprise our client’s palate with innovative dishes yet keeping the classic French cuisine techniques as a strong foundation.

From where do you source your ingredients and wine selections?

Local distributors for the high-end products. Long Island farms for the fresh produce. Tastings sources wines and champagne are sourced from Pommery, where we have an exclusive partnership.

Book at www.tastingsnyc.com.

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