Wellness Wednesday: The Great East End Cleanse

The Organic Krush three-day vegan cleanse, Photo: Organic Krush
The Organic Krush three-day vegan cleanse, Photo: Organic Krush

As a way to combat the effects of overindulgence that can come with the summer months, cleanses have become a great way to promote healthy living on the East End. It’s a way to reset your routine. Many can even be delivered right to your door. Here are a few options.

Organic Krush in Amagansett offers a Vegan three-day Cleanse. It’s dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, meat-free, alcohol-free, but not at all flavor-free. The meals are jam-packed with vegetable and nutrient-full ingredients.

The company states that the cleanse will “aid your liver and other organs in ridding your body of toxic substances, and then by eating whole organic foods, it gives your palette and eating habits a reset.” Benefits include weight loss and craving control, higher energy levels, improved digestive health, strengthened immune system, stress reduction, restful sleep and improved emotional health, to name a few.

The plan includes a wellness shot each morning, two cold pressed juices per day, three vegan meals per day and one snack. It also includes a guide to slowing down your lifestyle following the cleanse, and gives tips like incorporating walks in the sun and taking Epsom salt baths. The resulting benefits, they say, are both physical and psychological. Visit organickrush.com to learn more.

Over at Simply Sublime, which has locations in East Hampton and Cutchogue, the most popular clean eating cleanse is offered at select dates in either a five or 10-day option. The five day “Quickie Cleanse” is perfect for those with “limited time or for those who simply would like to give their bodies a break of processed food, sugar, and caffeine,” reads the website.

It’s a good option for anyone feeling sluggish. The cleanse aims to help get you away from a highly processed diet, by using vegan alkaline-based food.

Think fresh organic juice and a master cleanse lemonade for your breakfast, and a nutrient dense lunch, complete with dessert. The digestive system is given a break at dinner with a quart of soup. Some of the organic ingredients include almonds, walnuts, quinoa, millet, sesame seeds, pepitas, vegetables and fruits. Visit the website to see cleanse options and dates. Simply Sublime also offers a three to 10-day juice cleanse that is offered at any time. For more information, visit simplysublimehamptons.com.

Juices by Meg offers pick up in Riverhead. A three-day cleanse may include 12 8-oz mason jars filled with lemon ginger detox, sweet beat, queen green and sunbeam juices. When you try the sweet beat juice, for example, “your body changes nitrates into nitric oxide, which helps with blood flow and blood pressure! Giving your brain a mental boost, natural high and energy!” the company’s Instagram states. Follow them to learn more @juicesbymeg.

Juice Press, which has a location in Southampton, offers plant-based meals that are filled with pure and powerful nutrition. These never-processed and USDA-organic items can be ordered on the website and delivered to your door. With multiple options, one to try is the three-day summer cleanse featuring seasonally inspired organic soups and juices. It’s meant to be a detoxing cleanse that “gives your digestive system a rest while keeping you full.” The cost right now (it’s on sale) is $135. It includes items like the 65 Nutrients shot, celery juice, gazpacho and spring pea and basil soup. Visit juicepress.com for more details.

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