SLT Outdoors at EHIT: A Talk with Founder Amanda Freeman

An intense SLT class in session, Photo: Courtesy SLT
An intense SLT class in session, Photo: Courtesy SLT

In the beginning of August, SLT Outdoors launched at East Hampton Indoor Tennis (EHIT). Each class features SLT’s 45-minute challenging, high-intensity, low-impact workout. SLT offers a combination of cardio, strength training and Pilates to give participants full-body results.

Classes are capped at eight people in order to allow for individualized attention. Founded by Amanda Freeman in 2011, SLT now has over 25 studios across the US and quite a celebrity following.

Freeman discusses SLT’s origins, new outdoor classes and more.

Give us a little background on SLT and how it was started.

I started SLT in 2011 when boutique fitness was getting started. I loved the idea of studios focused on offering the best version of one workout all day long, but I didn’t like the results of the workouts that existed at the time. I wanted the Pilates body but in a high-energy, high-intensity, inspiring group environment. I opened the first studio in Midtown Manhattan.

Tell us about your outdoor classes and what visitors can expect.

We are so excited to be able to offer the SLT experience outdoors in East Hampton. Our outdoor studio is located at EHIT on a private deck and under an awning, so no sunscreen required. The workout is done using the new, more portable version of the Megaformer machine we typically use for class, called the Microformer. Expect a 45-minute sweaty, full-body, core-intense workout done to inspiring beats and motivating instruction.

How did the collaboration with EHIT come about?

I’ve known the family that owns EHIT for many years thanks to years of tennis lessons there, and when I heard that they’d be open to fitness partnerships, I instantly pursued the opportunity. Because our workout requires large equipment, we need just the right space, and we found it there.

How has the business had to shift due to COVID-19?

Like most fitness companies, our business has been hit very hard by COVID. All 16 of our New York studios are still not permitted to open for classes. We have some out of state studios operating at reduced capacity, but it’s been pretty devastating for our staff and clients who miss their workouts. We shifted our workouts online shortly after our studios were closed in March and have continued to offer Zoom workouts and are soon to debut our on-demand platform. We’ve also sold some of the equipment we have in storage and in studios to offer clients as close to an in-studio experience as possible.

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