10 New Hamptons Books for Your Beach Bag, Coffee Table or Tablet

Hamptons books
What Hamptons books are you reading this summer?

The past year and a half has given authors plenty of opportunity to sit down and write, and we’re beginning to see the hard-earned fruits of their labor. Take a gander at these 10 new and upcoming East End books, and consider picking one up at your next visit to your favorite Hamptons or North Fork bookstore.

Book cover of "My Ride or Die" by Leslie Cohen
“My Ride or Die” by Leslie CohenCourtesy William Morrow Paperbacks

My Ride or Die by Leslie Cohen

Written by Water Mill author Leslie Cohen, My Ride or Die poses the question: Why must friendship always come second to love? In this witty novel, two female friends decide to move in together and prioritize their own relationship above all else, keeping men in a more as-needed role. However, when one begins to fall for the man she’s seeing, the two must reconsider the life they built together and whether or not it’s worth fighting for. This book released earlier this year.

Book cover of "The White Album of the Hamptons" by Christophe von Hohenberg
“The White Album of the Hamptons”Courtesy G Editions

The White Album of the Hamptons by Christophe von Hohenberg

Award-winning photographer and bestselling author Christophe von Hohenberg set his sights on New York’s awe-inspiring coastline for his recently released book. In deciding to present Hamptons shores in crisp black-and-white, he creates the illusion of being blinded by the intense summer sun, which allows him to capture the serenity and harmony of these beloved vistas.

Book cover for "A Summer Place: Living by the Sea" by Tricia Foley
“A Summer Place: Living by the Sea” by Tricia FoleyCourtesy Rizzoli

A Summer Place: Living by the Sea by Tricia Foley

Inspired not just by the sparkling seaside communities of Long Island, but by the impeccable homes found within those communities, author and designer Tricia Foley has assembled a charming collection of photographs that capture the beauty of these sophisticated abodes. Readers will likely find their own inspiration in the magnificent design elements, water views and architecture found inside of A Summer Place: Living by the Sea. The book released earlier this year.

"Inside Out Yoga" by Sandra K. and Joanne de Simone.
“Inside Out Yoga” by Sandra K. and Joanne de Simone.Courtesy Moonlight Garden Publications

Inside Out Yoga by Sandra K. and Joanne de Simone

Written by local authors, Inside Out Yoga provides a manual on honing inner peace through more than 30 beginner to advanced yoga poses. Each section offers a colorful graphic demonstration each stance, a few lines to explain the physical and spiritual purpose of each pose and a space for personal reflection. This instructional book came out earlier this year.

"111 Places in the Hamptons That You Must Not Miss" by Wendy Lubovich
“111 Places in the Hamptons That You Must Not Miss” by Wendy LubovichCourtesy Emons Publishers

111 Places in the Hamptons That You Must Not Miss by Wendy Lubovich

Released in the midst of 2020, 111 Places in the Hamptons That You Must Not Miss joins the ranks of author Wendy Lubovich’s popular 111 Places book series that dives deep into the interesting and unusual spots not often included in more traditional travel guides. With over 100 Hamptons and North Fork places showcased in full-page color photographs, there’s a good chance East End visitors and locals alike will discover something new and exciting.

Book cover for "The Lost Boys of Montauk" by Amanda Fairbanks
“The Lost Boys of Montauk” by Amanda FairbanksCourtesy ‎Gallery Books

The Lost Boys of Montauk by Amanda M. Fairbanks

Author Amanda M. Fairbanks recounts the 1984 tragedy of Wind Blown, a commercial fishing boat that set out from Montauk Harbor, never to return. The Lost Boys of Montauk examines the incredible shift from Montauk’s working-class origins to its modern reputation as a party destination for the rich and famous. The book came out in May.

“This Is Your Mind on Plants” by Michael PollanCourtesy Penguin Press

This Is Your Mind on Plants by Michael Pollan

This Is Your Mind on Plants delves into the uses, side effects and stigmas of three plant-based drugs: Oopium, caffeine and mescaline. Long Island native Michael Pollan examines the starkly different perceptions of each drug with nuance, charm and intensively researched data. The book released earlier this month.

Lilyville: Mother, Daughter and Other Roles I've Played
“Lilyville: Mother, Daughter, and Other Roles I’ve Played” by Tovah Feldshuh, Courtesy Hachette Books

Lilyville: Mother, Daughter, and Other Roles I’ve Played by Tovah Feldshuh

In her debut memoir, Broadway actress and Quogue resident Tovah Feldshuh is sharing the spotlight with her late mother Lily, writing the book as a play with a great level of love and attention poured into capturing her complex relationship between the two strong Jewish American women. The book, which came out in April, also offers behind the scenes looks at Feldshuh’s many Broadway performances, as well as her television roles in The Walking Dead and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

"Hamptons Private"
“Hamptons Private” by Dan Rattiner, Courtesy Assouline

Hamptons Private by Dan Rattiner

Featuring more than 200 stunning photographs of iconic Hamptons locales in this glossy picture book, Hamptons Private was always going to be an enticing purchase, but the addition of a 10,000-word text written by Dan Rattiner, in which he shares the history of and insights into this beloved area, make this a must for any coffee table. The book comes out in September.

Scarlet Secrets: Poems by Christie Leigh Babirad

East End author and journalist Christie Leigh Babirad has assembled a collection of her most reflective, passion-filled poems, creating a personal, relatable, almost autobiographical account of her heart’s journey through life’s emotional highs and lows. Each poem offers a carefully crafted glimpse into the poet’s soul, each photograph a snapshot of the memories that shaped her. Scarlet Secrets: Poems comes out later this year.

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