Something to Wine About: Anthony Nappa 2019 Bordo Antico

2019 Bordo Antico by Anthony Nappa Wines
2019 Bordo Antico by Anthony Nappa Wines

The 2019 Bordo Antico by Anthony Nappa Wines is yet another stunning example of Long Island cabernet Franc. This time the varietal has taken on perhaps one of its most terroir-driven flavor palates. The nose has rich notes of earth and tobacco, while the flavor is extremely fresh and dry with clean, fresh, cherry notes. Its tannins are firm, and the wine is structured and exceptionally elegant. There is a persistent, dry, cherry finish. 

While still being a true cabernet Franc, according to Nappa’s website, the wine was named Bordo, after the traditional Italian name for cabernet Franc, and produced in a rustic Italian style, fermented wild and without additives. It’s possible that Italian style of fermentation accounts for its Chianti-like property of being so exceptionally easy to pair with foods. It complements pasta with red sauce, barbecue foods and even more delicate steaks. It also pairs well with hearty fish in red sauce like Baccala, and even more delicate calamari in red sauce. While described as full-bodied, this wine’s exuberant, fresh finish keeps it from being heavy and really makes it relevant for almost any food that wine drinkers who “only drink red” might want to enjoy it with. 

If the name Anthony Nappa Wines sounds familiar, it should. Anthony Nappa has been a staple in the East End winemaking community since 2007. While establishing his own wine brand, Anthony Nappa Wines, with the production of 200 cases of Long Island Pinot Noir, he was also head winemaker for Shinn Estate Vineyards from 2007 to the 2010 vintage. Starting in the 2013 vintage, he joined Raphael as head winemaker.

Looking to impress the foodies at your table? Open the 2019 Bordo Antico. Retailing for less than $28 per bottle, it will make nearly anything you’re serving sing. 

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