10 Questions with Zach Erdem of 75 Main & ‘Serving the Hamptons’

"Serving the Hamptons" star & 75 Main owner Zach Erdem
“Serving the Hamptons” star & 75 Main owner Zach Erdem
©Donnelly Marks

Zach Erdem and his Southampton restaurant 75 Main will be at the center of a brand new reality series, Serving the Hamptons, premiering on the Discovery+ streaming service next Thursday, April 7, and in many ways it’s been a long time coming. The popular eatery has become a celebrity hotspot since Erdem bought it in 2010, attracting the likes of Kim Kardashian and her famous family, rapper 6ix9ine, and even Joe Biden (who was vice president at the time of his visit), among many, many others.

The five-episode run of Serving the Hamptons, filmed at the restaurant in summer 2021, promises to take viewers alongside Erdem’s young, sexy staff as they get into all sorts of drama, on and off the clock, while the owner and his manager attempt to rein them in and deliver the best possible experience for their A-list diners.

To mark the occasion of Erdem’s television debut on Serving the Hamptons, the successful restaurateur and soon-to-be reality TV star answered our 10 Questions — a standard set of rapid-fire queries we ask many of the East End’s most notable personalities.

1. Favorite book?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho [1988].

2. The last thing that took your breath away?

When I met NYC for the first time in my life, in 2002.

3. The last thing that made you cry?

When I heard my father had six months to live.

4. It’s the eve of your execution… What would be your last meal?

Turkish coffee and cigar.

5. Something worth fighting for?


6. Something worth giving up?

Trying to please everyone.

7. Spend an afternoon with anyone—alive or dead—who would it be?

Thomas Edison.

8. An interesting object in your home or business?

Turkish and Israeli flag in my room, on my wall.

9. Last film you watched?

I have no tv in my house.

10. Project you’d like to do or restaurant you’d like to open that you haven’t tried yet?

I would love to take my show and film where I was born and my life back in the mountains with my animals.

Watch Serving the Hamptons on Discovery+ next Thursday, April 7.


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