Dan’s Cover Artist Patricia Feiler Paints North Fork Sunflowers

This week’s sunny cover comes to us from returning Dan’s Papers cover artist Patricia Feiler. Here, she discusses the surprising meaning behind this week’s cover art, her love of the North Fork and more.

Patricia Feiler
Patricia Feiler

A Talk with Patricia Feiler

What inspired you to paint “Sunrise, Sunset, Sunflower?”

I was moved to create this painting to honor the people of Ukraine. I tried to represent their strong character and courage in the image of the sunflower. It is their national flower and has unique survival skills. The flower head changes direction from east to west and back again, tracking the sun over 24 hours. This incredible adaptation allows them to thrive and reproduce, benefiting the bees, as well. Humans need each other much in the same way.

What did the creation process for this painting entail?

My process for creating landscapes is to find a place that inspires me and revisit there during different times of day and in various conditions. I take in everything: light, shadows, colors, wind and weather. I usually bring my easel, paints and canvas, and work right there. Reference photos are helpful, but it is also important to have good recollection skills and sensory memory. There a so many stunning flower fields right near my house in Mattituck, and this painting is the one I visited on Oregon Road. I want the viewer to feel they can walk right into the painting and feel like they are there.

What’s your favorite aspect of the North Fork in the summer?

My favorite aspect of the North Fork is the quiet calm of summer mornings. I also seek out the shadows at sundown. There is a stillness to both of these times that is fleeting. The morning air is fresh with anticipation, and sundown is quiet with exhaustion after a day’s work.

"Easy Roller Wave" by Patricia Feiler
“Easy Roller Wave” by Patricia Feiler

What artistic accomplishment or achievement are you most proud of?

I am delighted to say that I have had eight Dan’s Papers covers. My first cover was featured in Dan Rattiner’s commemorative book 60 Summers; I was surprised and honored by that. My painting “SS Rendezvous and Race” was selected by jurors Geoffrey Fleming (Southold Historical Society) and Sean Cleary (Phillips Auction House) as winner of the first Thomas Currie-Bell Memorial Purchase Prize offered by the Southold Historical Society. The painting was added to their permanent collection. And just recently, I was named Dan’s Best of the Best North Fork Artist. That was so much fun!

What is one short-term or long-term goal you’re working toward in your art career?

I think I will just keep on painting and see how it goes.

What do you find most personally rewarding about being an artist?

When someone talks to me about my art, I find it so interesting, and I am happy to know that my work is appreciated and might bring joy to someone else.

"A Simple Life" by Patricia Feiler
“A Simple Life” by Patricia Feiler

Would you like to share any additional info?

Some current and upcoming art shows for me are: Borghese Vineyard Gallery (presently), ART Remsenburg at The Academy alongside with photographer Jacques LeBlanc (August 5–14), Quogue Historical Society’s Show and Sale (August 13) and Art in the Garden at the Church of the Redeemer in Mattituck (September 10–11).

To learn more about Patricia Feiler and her art, visit patriciafeiler.artspan.com.

July 29, 2022 Dan's Papers cover art by Patricia Feiler
July 29, 2022 Dan’s Papers cover art by Patricia Feiler

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