Countdown to GrillHampton: Meet Chef Will Horowitz of Green Hill Kitchen & Que

Will Horowitz of Green Hill Kitchen & Que
Will Horowitz of Green Hill Kitchen & Que

Will Horowitz, a well known chef and author who runs three North Fork restaurants, will be showcasing his barbecue skills at GrillHampton 2022 on August 5 at Nova’s Ark in Water Mill.

Horowitz studied sustainability while attending college and found an interest in renewable agriculture. He focuses on creating sustainable food systems through his studies of food history and agriculture.

Will Horowitz Discusses Green Hill Kitchen & Que + GrillHampton

“My specialty is based around studying food history and figuring out ways of retelling that history in a way that’s local, innovative and sustainable,” Horowitz says.

The Horowitz family line is filled with many talented chefs. Horowitz’s grandmother was a French-trained chef located in Orient Point, and his grandfather was a fisherman on the North Fork. His other set of grandparents owned a traditional Jewish delicatessen.

Previously, Horowitz was the executive chef and owner of Ducks Eatery and Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co. in New York City before moving out to the North Fork last year.

Now, Horowitz is the culinary mind behind three downtown Greenport restaurants: Anker, Alpina, and Green Hill Kitchen & Que. Each focus on a different type of cuisine: seafood, Italian-Swiss and barbecue.

Green Hill highlights what Horowitz is best known for and passionate about: Smoked foods. The restaurant offers not only mouthwatering menu options but a live music venue as well.

Horowitz has recently upgraded the menu at Green Hill, adding his own flare to it. He is constantly working hard to make sure the food he serves is next level. Among the standout menu items are their smoked ribs and pastrami. Horowitz describes their mac and cheese as “off-the-charts incredible.”

“I’m bringing all the lessons, failures, and successes I’ve learned along the way into trying to make really straightforward barbecue interesting, amazing and top-tier,” Horowitz says.

Horowitz is looking forward to participating in GrillHampton this year. For him, events like this highlight camaraderie and teamwork within the culinary industry.

“One of my goals is to bring restaurants and chefs and food systems together, from a sustainability aspect,” Horowitz says. “So, farmers, companies, residents and chefs.”

Throughout all of the competitions Horowitz has participated in, he has learned along the way that what is most important is the opportunity to bring people closer together through cooking delicious food.

The menu items Horowitz is planning on serving at GrillHampton will be a surprise, but be on the lookout for some out-of-this-world homemade pastrami.

Green Hill Kitchen & Que is located at 48 Front Street in Greenport. For more information, visit

Dan’s GrillHampton will be held Friday, August 5 from 7–10 p.m. at Nova’s Ark in Water Mill. Visit for tickets and more info.

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