Hans Van de Bovenkamp Opens Studio for Premiere Group Exhibition

Hans Van de Bovenkamp sculptures on view outside his studio
Hans Van de Bovenkamp sculptures on view outside his studio

In summer 2021, Dan’s Papers and the Louis K. Meisel Gallery launched a SculptTour, an exciting new way to view the work of artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp across the Hamptons. Now in summer 2022, there is yet another unique new method of enjoying his work: The Gallery @ Hans Van de Bovenkamp Studio.

For the first time, Van de Bovenkamp, known worldwide for his contemporary abstract sculptures, is opening his Sagaponack studio for visitors to witness not only his own sculptures, paintings and works on paper, but also the work of three other artists who are well-established and well-respected in the Hamptons: Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Paton Miller and the late Charles Waller.

This premiere curated art exhibition opens with a reception on Friday, August 26, 5–7 p.m. and will remain on view through September 6 by appointment.

Art by Stephanie Brody-Lederman on view at Hans Van de Bovenkamp studio
Art by Stephanie Brody-Lederman

“I came up with this concept, and Hans liked the idea,” says Geralyne Lewandowski, the series curator/producer who has worked with Van de Bovenkamp for two decades now.  “I thought this was a pretty strong group to start out with, and everybody seems to agree with that.”

Brody-Lederman’s mixed media work fuses engaging imagery with expressive words to convey unique messages, and this thought-provoking art has earned her a place in the Museum of Modern Art’s public collection.

Miller’s work is infused with his personal life experiences and thrilling adventures, encapsulating the drama and comedy of the human condition.

Lastly, Waller created folksy, artful assemblages from vintage objects and antiques from his travels, and the shock of his untimely death in 2021 still ripples through the art community.

For this premiere show, Lewandowski has curated about eight pieces to represent each of the three guest artists, with each grouping designed around a personal theme that best represents the respective artist.

These will be placed throughout the studio space alongside more than two dozen works by Van de Bovenkamp, which extend outside to the 7-acre sculpture gardens.

Art by Paton Miller on view at Hans Van de Bovenkamp studio
Art by Paton Miller

“The concept is that this is a studio instead of a gallery, so in terms of the artwork being presented, it’ll be a little on the raw side,” Lewandowski says, explaining that what the studio lacks in gallery lighting, it makes up for with plenty of space to display pieces prominently.

She adds that the purpose of the show is to “reinforce our sense of community by bringing together artists, appreciators and connoisseurs.”

By inviting each of the artist’s followers to the opening reception, Lewandowski hopes that connections will be made, and fans of one artist will discuss a love for the other works on display.

Throughout the exhibition, a portion of art sale proceeds, as well as 50% of proceeds from the sale of Van de Bovenkamp’s latest book, will be donated to Maureen’s Haven, a nonprofit organization feeding, clothing, housing and otherwise supporting the East End’s homeless population.

Other methods of giving, such as a silent auction and donation jar, are expected to be confirmed for the opening reception.

"Bluebird" by Charles Waller on view at Hans Van de Bovenkamp studio
“Bluebird” by Charles Waller

“Maureen’s Haven was chosen because 40% of the East End’s homeless are women, and unlike animal rescue groups (of which the area has several), it is the only homeless organization in Suffolk County. A message I believe should be promoted,” Lewandowski says. “We believe in the cause, and they’re very receptive to working with us.”

If this first exhibition is a success, Lewandowski wants to continue the series with rotating artists to feature and nonprofits to benefit. With reception RSVPs reportedly pouring in, the chance of a strong turnout seems probable.

“They’re definitely getting a gift to be able to come here and look at what’s going on here,” Lewandowski says of those who plan to attend the exhibition.

To RSVP for the opening reception on August 26 or to schedule a gallery appointment, email [email protected]. The Gallery @ Hans Van de Bovenkamp Studio is located at 93 Merchants Path, Sagaponack.

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