Impact the Environment Through Proper Irrigation & Water Conservation

Irrigation in yard of Hamptons home sprinklers
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There are many ways to keep a lawn and property green and still conserve water even in drought conditions.

One way is by using “Smart” Wi-Fi based technology. Did you know that traditional watering methods using older controllers can waste as much as 50% of the water used due to inefficiencies in irrigation, evaporation and over watering?

By investing in more efficient irrigation technologies, you will, save money and time and conserve water when caring for your landscape.

Here are irrigation technologies worth having installed to improve your irrigation systems’ efficiency.

Weather-based controller – These Wi-Fi controllers adjust the irrigation schedule based on local weather conditions. These controllers self-adjust and require very little intervention when programmed correctly.

Wi-Fi Controller Features

  • Set your timer from any smart device such as a phone, computer or iPad
  • Turn your sprinkler ON/OFF from anywhere
  • Automatically adjusts scheduling based on local weather conditions
  • Self-diagnosis abilities

Flow meters – Since irrigation uses a lot of water to water your lawn and garden, you should seriously consider installing an irrigation flow meter.  Flow meters measure exactly how much water you are using at all times. Problems such as busted pipes or sprinkler geysers will quickly show up in the measurements.

As water bills continue to rise, flow meters will help reduce water waste.  When you don’t measure the use of water this could lead to plant death from overwatering.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Irrigation System

  • Water conservation
  • Water bill savings
  • Less water used
  • Flow meter monitoring alerts you before problem gets worse
  • Less wear and tear on all aspects of the irrigation system and the pump
  • Better health of your plants

When temperatures rise and rain is scarce, peak water use in single-family homes typically occurs due to lawn and garden watering. Have a professional irrigation technician audit your sprinkler system to determine how you can conserve water, save money and protect the health of your lawn and plants.

Protect Your Investment
RB Irrigation has been providing professional lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation solutions on Eastern Long Island since 1999. They use only high-quality products and labor procedures to ensure optimum lawn sprinkler system performance and customer satisfaction. They only staff the most reliable and professional lawn sprinkler system specialists, ensuring that customers receive the best service available. RB Irrigation is licensed and insured and serves Eastern Suffolk, including East Hampton, Southampton, Bridgehampton, Westhampton and Montauk.

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