Manorville Cow on the Lam Spotted on Golf Course

Manorville cow missing poster

A cow that went missing from a farm in Manorville has been spotted running through the community nearly a month after the owner reported the disappearance to Suffolk County police.

Representatives of Jerry’s Farm, which raises livestock, said the 750-pound cow named Vienna fled on August 27, but there had been no sightings since — until this week.

“She was our jumper,” said Luigi Zollo, whose father owns the farm. “She jumped over a 6-foot fence.”

The incident comes about a year after a bull named Barney was on the loose for two months before being captured in Moriches and a lynx was roaming the Islips for three days this summer.

Zollo said he reported the cow missing the same day and followed up regularly, but it didn’t seem to be a priority.

“The cops said, ‘We’ll put the word out,’ but I never heard anything,” Zollo said.

He then contacted Strong Island Animal Rescue, which helped capture the Islip lynx. The group has since begun circulating “missing cow” flyers and shared a video of the cow spotted on a golf course Saturday.

The nonprofit group will ensure the cow will be sent to an animal sanctuary in New Jersey once captured. Although the farm has a slaughterhouse, Zollo said his family raised Vienna for a year and had planned to keep her as a pet.

“I’m glad it’s still alive,” said Zollo.

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Manorville cow missing poster

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