Dan Talks with Victoria Schneps, Schneps Media & Life’s WORC Founder

Victoria Schneps, Vicki Schneps
Victoria Schneps

In each episode of the “Who’s Here in the Hamptons” podcast (aka Dan’s Talks), Dan’s Papers founder Dan Rattiner introduces you to a new guest, some well known, others with interesting careers and stories, authors, musicians, restaurateurs, some characters and some behind-the-scenes people who live, work and play in the summer paradise of the rich and famous.

Victoria Schneps

Episode 106: This week on the “Dan’s Talks” podcast, Dan Rattiner speaks with Victoria Schneps, president and co-publisher of Schneps Media. She began her media empire with a single paper, The Queens Courier, in 1985 and has steadily grown Schneps Media to encompass 80 publications across New York City, Long Island, Palm Beach and Philadelphia.

She also founded Life’s WORC to support people with intellectual disabilities and autism more than 50 years ago. Here she discusses how Life’s WORC and her media empire are inexorably tied together.

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