Wölffer Estate 2021 Rosé Is Your Winter ‘Summer in a Bottle’

Wölffer Estate Rosé 2021
Wölffer Estate Rosé 2021

As the temperatures continue to dip, many wine drinkers may start to yearn for sunnier and warmer weather. There isn’t much that can be done to avoid the cold, except perhaps a plane ride south, and even that doesn’t always work out as planned, but wine drinkers can enjoy an ode to springtime wine with the 2021 Wölffer Estate Rosé wine.

2021 Wölffer Estate Rosé

This Wölffer wine is not its famed “Summer in a Bottle,” which has the beautiful trademark floral bottle, and retails for $8 more. Summer in a Bottle also has more citrus notes and more acidity on the finish.

While the bottle of 2021 Wölffer Estate Rosé may be more understated, the wine in it is not. This unique Wölffer creation comprises 53% merlot, 19% cabernet Franc, 13% chardonnay, 5.5% riesling, 5% cabernet sauvignon and 4.5% pinot noir. It is a lovely, light rose color, yet rich in flavor.

There are floral notes of rose petals on the nose; orange, fresh melon and ripe kiwi notes are on the palate. The mouthfeel is silky smooth but structured. It is not so light that it can’t be served with medium-bodied, warm-weather foods such as chicken Francese.

This wine is fruity and dry, with excellent minerality, acidity and salinity, which is always a welcome treat in Long Island wines. Another plus, the finish isn’t overly acidic. Each sip will keep you coming back for more.

So, while Summer in Bottle may be off-season, this Wölffer rosé is here to get you through the winter months. It retails for $18.

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