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ROCKING THE BOAT: An Abstract Look at North Fork Boats by Rock and Roll Photographer Deborah Feingold

September 26, 2020, 4 pm8 pm.


Please join us Saturday, September 26th from 4pm – 8pm and Sunday, September 27th from Noon – 7pm for an Appointment Only “Open House” Art Event. Masks, social distancing protocols will be enforced. Groups up to six are welcome!

This exhibition showcases the new series of photos by acclaimed rock photographer Deborah Feingold. Originally from Rhode Island, Deborah Feingold moved to New York City in 1976 where she began to use her skills as a photographer to portraits of jazz musicians. These portraits serendipitously led to a long illustrious career of being the creative eye behind some of the most iconic portraits of our favorite musicians, personalities, album covers, and film posters of the past forty years. From Madonna to Keith Richards, David Byrne to Tom Waits, Deborah Feingold has had a hand in immortalizing the persona attached to these names, highlighting their natural personalities in a distinctly naturalistic , candid manner that’s personal and personable. Now a resident of Southold, Feingold has turned her camera towards our local waters, namely the boats that populate our harbors, marinas and shipyards. Focusing in on the texture and curvature of boats in dry dock, Feingold has created a series of abstract images that play with color and depth, mining the surreal out of the ordinary. Like her portraits, they are completely organic and unmanipulated, the product of a visionary eye.

As the Gallery will be accessible by appointment only, we encourage you to call or email us to schedule a private viewing. We can be reached at (631) 513-9023 or [email protected]

This exhibit will be on view by appointment through December.



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