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May 29.


What caused TWA Flight 800 to crash?         How did all the pieces, sections and debris wind up in the three different debris fields?  In debris field three closest to JFK Airport, pieces of the plane reportedly flew from the plane at supersonic speeds.  It would seem the distance these items flew from the plane perpendicular and to the South of the plane’s pathway that an explosion occurred inside the plane.  From a physics standpoint, how did this occur?          The Left Wing and Left Center Wing Tank Fuselage were never found which separated from the main fuselage of the plane seconds after the first explosion when the Inner Left Wing Tank and Center Wing Tank exploded.                                                                                                                          TWA Flight 800WHAT REALLY HAPPENEDJuly 17, 1996Randall Brooke                               https://www.amazon.com/Flight-July-1996-Really-   Happened-ebook/dp/B09BM985TT        Major Frederick Meyer of the NY Air National Guard was on a landing approach to the Westhampton, N.Y.  Gabreski Airport, piloting an H-60 Sikorsky helicopter, when he saw a flash of light and then an explosion in the sky.  Immediately, he requested clearance from the tower to investigate.  Proceeding over Moriches Bay and Westhampton Beach, from over the beach he saw a fireball erupt in the sky.  Traveling ten miles at 165 m.p.h. arriving in less than three and one-half minutes to the debris field, debris from the explosion was cascading down.   From a distance, several bodies plummeted in front of him into the sea, flames shooting fifty feet into the air from the burning airplane fuel floating on the ocean.  Avoiding the falling debris, he skirted the debris field spotting bodies floating, some headless, some missing arms and legs.                                                                                                                Chapter Eighteen                                                                                                                                                     The Smoking Gun         The Islip radar station and other radar stations tracked TWA Flight 800 in its final minutes.  As the bomb exploded, instantly parts of the right side of the plane including passenger’s seats and bodies and part of the Center Wing section (CW504) catapulted in a perpendicular southernly direction from the plane at 575 mph travelling up to one-half mile from the plane creating a large debris field, proving that an explosive device exploded inside the plane.  How the FBI and NTSB never comprehended this is incomprehensible.  That was the telltale sign of a bomb.  When Kallstrom reviewed the Islip radar transcripts, this should have been his Eureka Moment.  He reviewed the Islip radar transcripts to refute Pierre Salinger’s assertion that a Navy missile brought down Flight 800 so how did he not comprehend that parts of the right side of the plane and seats and people were flying from the plane up to one half mile away from the plane at supersonic speeds indicating a bomb blew the plane apart.        What are the physical dynamics of where the plane parts wound up?  What exactly are the forces and dynamics that caused this?  What would have caused this?         It would seem that the bomb went off in the Luggage Compartment above rows 24-26 in the main body of the plane just above the Left Wing and Left Side of the Center Wing Tank.          Seconds after the bomb exploded the Inner Left Wing Tank and the Center Wing Tank exploded separating the Cockpit from the Center Wing Tank and plummeting into Debris Field 2.           The Left Wing separated simultaneously and the Inner Left Wing Aileron broke off as the Left Wing separated from the main fuselage and wound up in the third debris field closest to JFK which was never expounded upon by the FBI or the NTSB.   One person, unidentified in a report, did tell the FBI that they told the NTSB to closely look at the debris flying off TWA Flight 800 into the third debris field.

One Thousand Dollar Reward
For Information leading to finding and recovering the Left Wing
and Center Wing Fuselage of TWA Flight 800
TWA Flight 800
July 17, 1996
Randall Brooke
https:www.amazon.com/Flight-July-1996-Really- Happened-ebook/dp/B09BM985TT

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