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Socrates Cafe

August 14, 2018, 5 pm6 pm.


Join other young adults to talk about life’s questions. This is not a debate, or an attempt to change anyone’s point of view, but a chance for philosophical conversation. No preparation necessary, just come with an open mind and a friendly attitude.
Sample Questions (the question for the day will be decided by Democratic vote)
If the truth hurts, should we lie?
Why are we entertained by violence?
Will the Internet become conscious?
What is an ideal education?
Why are we afraid of people who are different than us?
Why do we do the things we DON’T want to do?
What was the most important event in history?
Should classrooms be segregated by intelligence level?
Would you want to live for 1,000 years?
If you had all the funding you required, what world problem would you tackle that could be solved in 10 years?
What is the difference between good art and bad art?
Are we alone in the Universe?
What advice would my future 30-year-old self give to me right now?

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate provided!

for high school students – please click on sign up button to register


East Hampton Library East Hampton Library, 159 Main Street, East Hampton, NY United States

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