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SoFo: Secrets of Skulls: Adults/Children 8+

September 16, 2018, 10:30 am6 pm.


Secrets of Skulls: Adults/Children 8+
Program Presenter: Miles Todaro, South Fork Natural History Museum Environmental Educator.

Ever find a deer skull in the woods? Join Miles for this fun, forensics-filled program to find out what you can learn from the skulls of animals. Animal skulls have so many unique functions. From them, and other bones, we can learn a lot about the way the animal lived. Together we’ll examine real bones from local creatures to learn all about their parts and purposes. Our study of real skulls will be followed by a chance to design our own animals, and the skulls they might need to best fit their lifestyle.

Advance reservations are required. Programs free for SoFo members. Non-members: $15/ adult, $10/child 3-12 years, 2 and under free. Fees include free admission to the museum on the day of the event.

Please call 631-537-9735 for reservations and info about meeting place.

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