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Virtual Workshop with Afua Ansong

March 6, 3 pm4 pm.


Led by Watermill Alum, Afua Ansong, “Meditation on the self: Drinking at the Mouth of West African Art” invites the public to develop prayers, chants, songs, and poems that seek to preserve and explore concepts of the self inspired by Adinkra symbols.

Adinkra, when translated from Akan ​Twi ​to English means ​”farewell​.” These symbols, discovered in the nineteenth century by the Akans of West Africa, were often used for funeral cloth but also currently serve as sacred jewelry and ornaments for decorations. The prominent myth associated with the origin of the Adinkra symbols is the narrative of Gyaman Adinkra, an Ivory Coast king who was captured and imprisoned by the Ashantes. In response to his bondage, Gyaman painted these symbols. Embedded in these symbols are messages, proverbs, and warnings for people of the African diaspora.

This workshop is open to all ages 13+, regardless of experience or skill level. Due to COVID-19, this workshop will take place online. All registered attendees will receive an email with a Zoom link the morning of the event.

Afua Ansong is Ghanaian American writer, artist, and scholar. Her work interrogates the challenges of the African immigrant in the United States, exploring themes of transition, citizenship, and blackness. She recently completed her MFA in Creative Writing & Literature at Stony Brook University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in English Literature at the University of Rhode Island. Her chapbook American Mercy is with Finishing Line Press and her other works can be seen in Prairie Schooner, Frontier, Newfound and elsewhere. Afua was a 2019 Artist-in-Residence at The Watermill Center.

By registering for and joining the event, you consent to have your image and likeness used in any future screenings of this event, publicly or privately.

If the cost of this workshop presents a financial barrier for you to register, you may request a pay-what-you-can ticket by contacting [email protected] Spaces are limited. Requests will be considered in the order that they are received.

All attendees will receive an email with a link to a materials list upon registration. Within a week of the event, a private recording will be made available to all registered participants.

photo copyright Maria Baranova-Suzuki

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