Friday, August 30, 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm





A Perfect Game: Shabbos with MLBPA Certified Player Agent, Marc J. Kligman, Esq

Friday, August 30
Shabbos services, 7 PM
Shabbos dinner, 7:45 PM
“The Magnetic Pull of The Yarmulka”

Saturday, August 31
Shacharis morning services, 9:30 AM
Lecture, 11 AM “G-d’s Irony & Test; Gotta Let The Story Play Out”
Followed by buffet kiddush

Marc Kligman wears his yarmulke and tzitzit for the entire baseball world to see and it has served him well. In the highly competitive and cutthroat business of athlete representation, Marc has set himself apart from the competition by his strict observance to Torah law. He schleps his clients to kosher restaurants all over the country and counsels them with the precepts he has learned from Torah. No matter what small town or big city venue Marc finds himself in while he is out servicing or recruiting clients, a story always unfolds with the people he encounters.

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