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Saturday, October 12, 2019


10:30 am - 1:30 pm





Advancing Your Yoga- Happy Hips (and hamstrings and lower backs)!- with Lois Nesbitt


Did you come to yoga with tight hips, a tweaky lower back, or just a desire to touch your toes? Did you come to yoga in fine form, only to develop nagging injuries along the way?

How’s it going?

Far too many people seek out yoga to free up stiffness or alleviate aches and pains, only to find that they are just “too stiff” to perform like the pretzels in the room—or that months of diligent practice has yielded little relief. And they walk (or limp!) away.

Join Lois, known worldwide as an expert in anatomy applied to yoga, as she helps sort out what will and won’t bring you closer to your goals. This highly practical session will provide you with an “x-ray” vision of your bones, joints, and muscles and crystal-clear explanations of why and how you can practice a lifetime of healthier yoga.

A veteran of 25 years of yoga practice and teaching, and one highly successful total hip replacement, Lois will also be on hand to sign copies of her book Hip Op: Beyond Recovery!, the story of her own experience of overdoing uninformed yoga, how it led to a total hip replacement, and how the inner and outer practice of healthy yoga got her back on the mat in record time.

Grab a copy of Lois’s new release, “Hip Op: Beyond Recovery!” right after the workshop.

*This workshop is suitable for students of all levels and abilities. Those with injuries are urged to attend, watch, listen, and learn. Everyone will leave with practical tips on how to heal and prevent injuries.

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