Southampton History Museum

Rogers Mansion, 17 Meeting House Lane, Southampton, NY


Thursday, October 25, 2018


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


$40 for supplies, maximum size limit: 6 (Or pay $100 for all three classes) 



Basket Weaving Classes – Second Basket

Participants will be introduced to the art of basket weaving. During these introductory classes students will be taught basic weaving techniques using wooden bases and exploring one of the many mediums that can be used for weaving. Each basket in the series will build upon the techniques from the previous basket starting with twining with round reed, then packing your woven rows and shaping your project to bring out the beauty, and finishing the project by lashing your final row. Basket weaving is a way to relax and utilize individual creativity with your finished product being functional as well as a work of art. The second project “waste basket” explores using a mold to focus on a precise shape.  Color is also introduced for this basket.  This basket uses the start/stop technique of weaving, further explores twining and the basket is completed with lashing on the final row. To register call the museum at 631-283-2494 payment due at time of registration.

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