Peconic Landing

1500 Brecknock Road, Greenport, NY, USA


Jan 05 2019


2:00 pm





In My Mind’s Eye: Hector deCordova

Open Reception & Talk
A few years ago, a critic reviewing my work stated that my paintings are “never just one thing and to summarize my work in any way would be folly”. The critic went on to say that;
“Just when a viewer thinks he has identified a style or a pattern, he presents us with something new; experimenting in all types of mediums and letting the paint flow from his brush taking him and you, the viewer, on a journey of discovery be it an emotion, an idea, an intangible.”

I loved that review because the critic truly understood what I am all about when I pick up a brush. For a long time in my painting career, I have not worried myself about the “rules” of painting. I know them. I have studied them, I respect them, but I no longer put them in my consciousness when I paint.

Painting allows me to explore. It takes me out of the confines of the “norm”, it lets me peek around the corner, find a new material, a new subject and see where it takes me.

In this room full of my paintings, do I have a “style”? Let’s talk!

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