Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center

Southampton Arts Center, 25 Jobs Lane, Southampton


Sunday, March 3, 2019


3:00 pm - 5:30 pm





Little Murders with Jules Feiffer

Directed by Alan Arkin in 1971 LITTLE MURDERS stars Elliot Gould, Marcia Rodd, Vincent Gardenia, Elizabeth Wilson, Doris Robert, Donald Sutherland and Lou Jacobi.

Set in a nightmarish New York City, Little Murders sees fashion photographer Alfred Chamberlain (Elliot Gould)’s life altered when he meets the dysfunctional family of his newest girlfriend – an interior designer who saved him from being mugged by street thugs.

The great Jules Feiffer will join us for a Q&A after the screening with Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan, our head of programming. Little Murders was Jules Feiffer’s first screenplay, based on the off-Broadway Alan Arkin production of his play. Later, that same year, the Mike Nichols production of his second screenplay, Carnal Knowledge was released. Other films: Popeye (Altman), I Want To Go Home (Resnais). This screening benefits the Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center. Now at 90, Feiffer limits his screenplays to graphic novels, having completed his noir trilogy, Kill My Mother, and now at work on The Lost Dimension, a graphic novel series for children.

This screening benefits the Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center.

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