Wednesday, August 28, 2019


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‘Saving our Seabirds’ book signing

World Renowned Artist and Accredited Bird Conservationist Partner to Build Awareness around Endangered Seabirds through Coloring Book

Leaning into creativity, ‘Saving our Seabirds’ seeks to educate and inspire through art and education

Sag Harbor, New York, August 2019 –  Lynn Matsuoka, a celebrated artist with global recognition and Dr. Stephen W. Kress, Executive Director of the Seabird Restoration Program and Vice president for Bird Conservation of the National Audubon Society,  took it upon themselves to tackle a critical environmental issue when they endeavored to create an interactive work of art that seeks to introduce readers to ideas, solutions and organizations committed to combating the world-wide threat of climate change and its effects on seabirds.

‘Saving our Seabirds’ may appear like a simple coloring book, but it is a celebration of wildlife as well as an instrument for change filled with stories, information and calls for action. Penned by Dr. Stephen W. Kress, each of the 15 original sketches is accompanied by a brief yet informative summary of the habitat, threats, facts and management of each bird.

Featuring drawings that not only “look” but “feel” real, Lynn’s open energy approach, creates instant emotional connections leaving readers energized and ready to act.  Including heartfelt messages from individuals like Physicist Dr. Paul Clapis, Economist Dr. Rod Wallace, Chemical Oceanographer Alfred K. Hanson, among others, ‘Saving our Seabirds’ is an incredible coming together of game-changers that share the goal world preservation.

Now on sale via Amazon, ‘Saving our Seabirds’ is not only a great gift for friends and family, it is a great tool for teaching the next generation about the importance of our earth and the power they have in the equation.

Sag Harbor Books (7 Main St , Sg Harbor NY 11963) will be hosting a book signing event, sponsored by Sen Restaurant, on August 28 at 6PM.

Additionally, the Sara Nightingale Gallery (26 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY, 11963) in Sag Harbor, will be exhibiting a small collection of Lynn’s equestrian work the week of August 26th as part of a highlight during the annual Hampton Classic Horse Show.

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