The White Room Gallery

White Room Gallery, 2415 Main Street, Bridgehampton, NY


Wednesday, July 15, 2020


11:00 am - 5:00 pm





SURF’S UP- Art Exhibition

July 15th- August 9th 2020 


Nelson De La Nuez

Keith Ramsdell

Dinesh Boaz

“Surf’s up is a surfing term from the 60’s that means the swell has picked up and the waves are going to be powerful.  It is imbued with optimism and joy.  In curating this exhibit we wanted to translate those feelings into art with aerial photographs of people from around the world soaking up the sun in the pre-covid-19 snapshot of humanity and engaging vintage pop pieces that elicit memories of simpler times in America.  And, of course, what would Surf’s Up be without photographs of surfboards and waves. As Van Gogh said, ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’  He didn’t know it at the time but he was talking about Surf’s Up.”Andrea McCafferty & Kat O’Neill -Co-Owners & Directors

NELSON DE LA NUEZ is one of the most sought-after contemporary Pop artists practicing today.  His striking, vivid mixed media artwork borrows motifs and messages from the language of wealth, power, fame, excess, taste, and access to cast a narrative about modern society.  Known to many as The King of Pop Art®, De La Nuez is an innate iconoclast, elevating themes from commerce, pop culture, advertising, and branding to provide commentary on our culture – showing us that the entire world is for sale –in a manner that is both ironic and aspirational.  

KEITH RAMSDELL/ Ramsdell uses long-exposure photography to create minimal seascape washes. He relies on the essential aspects of minimalism—line, shape and texture—to form greyscale images that are affecting in their simplicity. His work represents natural elements and manmade structures in congruence, reducing these parts of the landscape to their purest form. Each image conveys an almost surreal sense of stillness and balance that cannot be disturbed.“The ocean serves as my primary inspiration, and the predominant location of my work.”A surfer since he was five years old, Keith has always lived and worked in close proximity to the water. His camera and surfing gear are never far from him. He attempts to capture his sensory experience of the beach, seizing on isolated subjects such as the granular surface of the sand, the undulations of the surf, a gnarled piece of driftwood, or the seemingly endless stretch of a dock. While his work comes from a deeply personal place, he hopes that his images also have a universal quality that makes them easily accessible and timeless.

DINESH BOAZ/ Dinesh explores the area beneath him via a helicopter to achieve a ‘top’ view. As he states, “By honing-in on the specific details of the earth below, I can highlight . the remoteness and stillness in water, sand and rugged space like terrain, but also connect back to our existence with human form and the life within.” Emphasizing lines, colors, shapes and an overall pattern, Boaz’s thoughts develop from his musical background. Originally a recording studio owner and music producer in New York City, he combines the visual and performing arts. The artist is able to see musical notes and frequencies as different values of color, or color palettes, on the spectrum. Boaz was born in Chennai, India, graduated with his B.A. from Rutgers University, and in not so many years, has had numerous exhibits, awards and magazine reviews across the United States.

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