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Rogers Memorial Library, 91 Coopers Farm Road, Southampton, NY

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May 08 2018



The Meditative Hobby of Brushstroke Calligraphy

The ancient technique of East Asian brush calligraphy is part art form and part meditation. In this basic presentation, you will learn how to grind ink, hold a brush, apply basic brushstrokes, and how to respect the “five treasures” — brush, ink stick, ink stone, paper, and water. Get a glimpse of ancient Chinese picture-writing and modern variants. Learn the ancient Chinese pictographs for the four seasons and how they can help you align with the energy of each season. Materials will be provided but you are also welcome to bring your own brush calligraphy kit. Advance registration and payment required. Fee: $10. Size limit: 10. Register at or call (631) 283-0774 x 523.

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