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Friday, April 10, 2020


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The Sag Harbor Cinema @ Home! 4/10-4/23 Watch 1st Run Films & Restored Classics


April 11th had been our projected opening date. In order to honor that, even if in a symbolic sort of way, we have decided to embrace the generous offer made by a handful of distributors to art-house cinemas all over the country, and to stream a selection of first run films through our website.

Among the few available titles, we have picked three movies, one for each screen of the Sag Harbor Cinema. They include the restored version of a beloved, crowd pleasing Latin American comedy, a documentary about a great photographer, and a stylish Chinese noir that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019: Bruno Barreto’s Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, Mark Bozek’s The Times of Bill Cunningham, and Diao Yinan’s The Wild Goose Lake.

“These titles reflect only a small portion of the films we’ll be able to present once the cinema is open. But I still wanted the selection to reflect nuance, and a certain range. Nothing matches the big screen experience but this “virtual opening” seemed a good way to stay in touch with our audience, as we have been doing through the Movie of the Week column. I am also thrilled to include in this initiative our first collaboration with Cinema Tropical, who will be co-presenting a conversation with Bruno Barreto, director of Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands,” says SHC artistic director Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan.

These films will be available for streaming through our website April 10 – April 23.

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

Directed by Bruno Barreto (Brazil, 1976, 117mins; In Portuguese with English subtitles)

Based on the novel by Jorge Amado, this Brazilian comedy follows the strange events that befall Doña Flor (Sonia Braga) after she is left a widow by the death of her wild, irresponsible husband. He died after one too many wanton nights of carousing. Determined to marry more wisely the second time around, Doña Flor weds a stable, but boring pharmacist who has no interest in sex. When she discovers that her new sex life is less than satisfying, Doña Flor is visited by the sexy ghost of her late husband. When it was first released, Doña Flor and Her Two Husbands became the most successful film in Brazilian history. Internationally, Doña Flor received nominations for a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award.

Also, please join us for our very first collaboration with Cinema Tropical, a conversation with director Bruno Barreto and SHC Artistic Director – Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan, Sunday April 19th at 5pm by going to our Facebook page. 

The Times of Bill Cunningham

Directed by Mark Bozek  (USA, 2020, 74mins)

Bill Cunningham, the legendary New York Times photographer and fashion historian, shares his life story in his own words with photographs from his remarkable archive of over 3 million images. Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, The Times of Bill Cunningham features incredible photographs chosen from previously unpublished images and documents from the iconic street photographer who captured the whims and trends of fashion on Manhattan streets. The story is told in Cunningham’s own words from a recently unearthed 1994 interview. The photographer, in his customarily cheerful and plainspoken manner, chronicles chapters of his life including moonlighting as a milliner in France during the Korean War, his unique relationship with First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and his four decades at The New York Times. We are given insight to his democratic view of fashion and society.

The Wild Goose Lake

Directed by Diao Yinan  (China, France 2019, 111mins; In Chinese with English subtitles)

When small-time mob leader Zhou Zenong (Chinese superstar Hu Ge) accidentally kills a cop, a dead-or-alive bounty is placed on his head, forcing him on the lam from the police and some dangerous gangsters out for the reward. Hiding out in China’s densely populated (and deeply divided) Wuhan province, Zhou becomes entangled with a beautiful, enigmatic woman, who has mysterious intentions of her own. Featuring gorgeous, neon-drenched cinematography and bursts of shocking, expertly choreographed action, THE WILD GOOSE LAKE is “Spellbinding,” (Rolling Stone) “Brilliant,” (Indiewire) and “downright Hitchcockian,” (AV Club).

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