75 Main, Zach Erdem’s restaurant and nightspot, smack in the middle of Southampton’s Main Street, is HOT. Recently, celebs including […]
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Restaurant Review: 75 Main

Restaurant Review: 75 Main

75 Main, Zach Erdem’s restaurant and nightspot, smack in the middle of Southampton’s Main Street, is HOT.

Recently, celebs including Joe Biden, Paris Hilton, Alec Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, super model Jessica White and many more have dined and danced here. 75 Main has been featured in all the New York papers and on News Channel 12 as THE place to be.

I had to check it out for myself. The thing is, though, when it comes to Hamptons’ happenin’ restaurants, all I’m really interested in is the FOOD. [expand]

75 Main has a new chef in Walter Hinds. Originally from Port Jefferson, Hinds has worked his magic in Paris, New York, the Caribbean and now he’s cast his spell in the otherwise staid, old-monied Southampton Village. The food is a welcome departure from the more standard fare of the past.

I dined there recently with Husband and Teenage Boy, we very much enjoyed our meal. We left our choices up to Chef Hinds. While Husband quaffed a house Pinot Grigio, we all started with Roast Littleneck Clams, stacked expertly into little savory towers. Clams may not contain pearls—but these clams have tasty black beans inside. They were delicious, with some heat and sparked with cilantro. My crew blew through them and then we all sopped up the remaining coconut-milky, chorizo-y broth with our bread.

Next we enjoyed fillets of Tilapia resting on beds of beans and greens (broccoli rabe) and mushrooms. A great combination of flavors and textures. During this course Teenage Boy was inspired to refer to Hinds as, “a hell of a chef!”

A palate cleanser of watermelon, bleu cheese and balsamic vinegar, topped with black pepper was sublime.

I’m not a lamb fan by nature, but…Chef Hinds’ Moroccan Spice Rack of Lamb is exceptionally well prepared. I took a quick poll of 75 Main’s staff and when I asked them what their favorite menu item was they all mentioned the Moroccan Spice Rack of Lamb, breathlessly. In fact, when we dined there, this lamb dish had only been added to the menu the day before. The lamb is a real hit because it is perfectly cooked and Hinds has a deft hand with spices. The flavors are subtle, not overpowering, but distinct. The lamb is topped with a crispy onion ring and served with steak fries.

Talk about “the icing on the cake”—for dessert, our individual Chocolate Lava Cakes came topped with white chocolate stars.

Hinds is a chef to watch. You’ll want to visit 75 Main several times to experience the range of his work. When I asked him what local ingredients he looks forward to using, he said, “everything.” Then he qualified that with “Everything locally-grown, vegetables, stone fruits, fish. Everything.” Great answer!

75 Main’s wine list includes choices from Italy, France, California and Chile, as well as some local wines by Macari and Pindar.

Erdem has been building up a seriously fun scene by bringing in international D.J.s and live music every weekend, open ‘til 4 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays but…it’s Hinds’ cooking that has people lined up down the block on Sundays.

Did I mention the young, fun and funky international staff? Love it.


75 Main, 75 Main Street, Southampton. 75main.com. 631-283-7575. Check out all the freshest food and food ideas on the East End at Dan’s Taste of Two Forks on July 16. Feature story on page 40. Danstasteoftwoforks.com. [/expand]


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