Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky Stern Share Drag Christmas Card

Southampton resident Howard Stern and his wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern, got a laugh this week when they tweeted a gender-bending Christmas card featuring her as Santa Claus and him as a raven-haired Mrs. Claus on her lap.

Stern wears a Mrs. Claus top, but allows it to fall off the shoulder and reveal his tattoo, along with black stockings and high heels, while Ostrosky Stern wears a full Santa outfit—hat, beard and all. (Scroll down for the complete picture)

This isn’t the first time Stern has dressed in drag—he famously graced the cover of his book Miss America wearing makeup and striking a sultry, ladylike pose.

After getting some laughs, the happy husband and wife completed their Christmas greeting with a fun and flirty picture of them back to “normal” with just a few leftovers from their drag getups. Ostrosky Stern keeps wearing her oversized Santa pants, belt and boots, along with her glasses and a smile, and Howard leaves on a dash of red lipstick to go with his leather jacket, jeans and rockin’ John Varvatos flag scarf. Of course both wear Santa hats as well.

Inside Howard and Beth Stern's 2013 Christmas Card, Twitter

Inside Howard and Beth Stern’s 2013 Christmas Card, Twitter

Ostrosky Stern, an animal rights advocate, will also appear in photos taken by her husband for a 2014 calendar to raise money for the North Shore Animal League.

Howard Stern Beth Ostrosky Christmas Card FULL

Howard and Beth Stern’s 2013 Christmas Card, Twitter

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