Police Blotter, February 18, 2011

Really Wanted To Stay In School

A 16-year-old boy was arrested after he simply refused to leave school grounds in East Hampton. The boy was dismissed for being drunk and began to cause a scene after he was asked by the principal to leave and after his father showed up to take him home. So instead of going home to his family’s house, he went to a jail cell.

Shelter Island

While on his African Safari where he hunts live elephants, Old Man McGumbus of Shelter Island, 97 years old, reportedly received a leg injury after a rhinoceros attacked his Jeep. He was forced to fly back to Shelter Island via a B-29 bomber, which is owned and was piloted by McGumbus’ lifelong friend, WWII pilot, and fellow Shelter Island League of Extraordinary Gentlemen member, Dick Wilmington. McGumbus received medical treatment and as of yesterday was back in his house, where he lives alone year-round.

Last night, McGumbus reported to police that he saw two hippies on Main Street and demanded that they be arrested.

Door To Door

A woman in East Hampton reported last week that a man claiming to be a representative from Chase Bank knocked on her door and needed bank information from her. The woman gave it to him and later noticed that unauthorized charges were made to her credit card.

This is not all that different from the very deceptive fraud that happened last year, where a man would walk up to a person and politely ask the victim for all of their money and belongings. The victim, unknowing what is going on around him, would fall for the trick, and then later on would be shocked and chagrined to discover that he had just been robbed.


While at a meeting of the Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee, a man punched another man directly in the face. Hearing this news about the WCAC meeting made me say WTF?

Hold It! Right There!

A new law that is being proposed which will allow police to ticket public urinators in Southampton, with the money from the fines going directly into the town to increase revenue, made me laugh.


A man in Hampton Bays was arrested for DWI after he told police that he had nothing to drink, then opened the door to his car only to reveal a can of open beer in his hand.

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