Are Baldwin and Thomas Getting Serious?

Picture this: Alec Baldwin is in his sweat clothes, staying in shape with his weekly yoga workout. But he isn’t thinking about  his health — he’s thinking about how he’ll look in a suit next to the instructor at the front of the class, who is nearly half his age, at the Tony Awards.

Well, you don’t have to picture it. Baldwin’s fling with 28-year-old yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas is very much a reality. After rumors swirled surrounding their being spotted together at Carnegie Hall last month, the two arrived at the 65th annual presentation of the prestigious theater awards  in New York City on Sunday, reinforcing talk of the East Hampton celebrity’s involvement in a more serious relationship.

Since his very public divorce from actress Kim Basinger in 2001, Baldwin has remained relatively quiet on the romantic front, and has insisted to those close to him that he wishes to remain single. Could it be that his recent interest in running for New York City mayor has him taking a more serious look at everything?

Maybe we shouldn’t be getting ahead of ourselves, but a source close to Baldwin did tell the media that his relationship with Thomas “might be a little more serious” than previously thought. They have now been publicly on several dates up and down the city, and one witness at the Tonys even saw Baldwin grab Thomas’ behind as they yukked it up with Kelsey Grammer.

Could Hilaria Thomas be the complimentary face of a serious man running for New York City’s most prestigious job? Well, it’s awfully early to tell. But the prospect is certainly exciting.

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