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Bella with friends at Paws Across the Hamptons!
Bella with friends at Paws Across the Hamptons!

What a weekend! The summer is now in full swing. Bella could not be happier. Do you know what really excited Bella this past weekend? It was the first Paws Across the Hamptons Dog Walk. The walk benefited the Southampton Animal Shelter.

The meet took place at Southampton High School. Hundreds of dog lovers and their friends gathered to celebrate the Shelter. They all enjoyed a walk together down Wickapogue Road. Inspired by Linda Shapiro, it was a Who’s Who of dogs, owners, supporters, board members, community leaders and the whole Shelter team. Hats off to everyone, and two paws up! [expand]

Bella arrived in her old white Chrysler minivan. By the way, she misses the old “Road Beast Buick Woodie Station Wagon.” Nonetheless, she was thrilled to see such overwhelming support. Of course, there were our lead walkers, Ellen Scarborough with Olie. Olie is a dog of musical talents who walked with Bella to discuss how they could get more active with the shelter. These dogs want to help as much as anyone. Who knows, at this point they may form their own Dog Committee. There was also Unconditional Love Benefit Honoree Karen Lefrak with Mikimoto and Jewel, co-chair Sandra McConnell (Bella’s mom), the beyond-glorious Ann Fletcher with Miss Tulip, and Mr. Nashville with Little Miss Sunshine. They were all, and I do mean all, dressed in their Hermes scarves.

Bella, as a style arbiter, was impressed that the girls dressed up for the event. Bella, who wears a Southampton Animal Shelter bandana, asked why she didn’t have an Hermes scarf. I had to break the news that with her athletic lifestyle, a fine silk scarf just wouldn’t work. She agreed, but was still thrilled with the attention to detail. One can be beautiful or hardy, but it’s what’s in the heart that counts.

Both Junior Co-Chairs Elizabeth Shafiroff (who cannot help herself from adopting another dog), and Charles McConnell were on hand to spread the word. It truly was a celebration of love and companionship for all.

On Saturday, life was in full spin. Bella knew we couldn’t do it all and take a visit the beach. It was a Paws day, plus more. Bella perked right up after the walk with a long drink of water. She had more to accomplish, like buying a birthday present for Jean, Remmel Little, Fitzsimmons (that’s a bark full). She was celebrating her birthday and also honoring her nephew, Rem. He was up for more Tony nominations, after his win last year for Memphis. Rem came out to share in Jean’s birthday at the Meadow Club. Rem considers Jean his good luck charm. When a surprise guest – the lead singer from Memphis – showed up, everyone was enthralled. There were other special treats from Alex Donner, who couldn’t be more fun and spontaneous. Also, there were songs from a close personal Southampton friend, Peggy Lewis. She makes my heart sing. Rem, with his own rendition of “Mame,” called “Jean,” even created his own heartfelt tribute.

When I got home, I had to share with Bella. She wanted a full party recap as she always does, in addition to a few snacks. Bella often plays with Honey Bear, Jean’s adopted Pekinese. She wanted to get the scoop on the party. All I could say was, Jean never looked happier or more beautiful. The after-hours sing-along, with those who stayed, was a rare moment of friends and family together. It was unplanned and spontaneous. Greg Delia, or was that Christopher Obetz? (inside joke), Phil Piero, Peter Hallock, Kate and Alex Donner, among others, stayed to enjoy the party as it was winding down. Out of the blue, Kevin, Memphis, sang Happy Birthday. We all melted, clapped and toasted Jean.

Summer is here. The shelter is open everyday for anyone to come meet a new friend. The thrift shop is ready for your visit. Lastly, I promised we would not miss another day at the beach again.

Off to the beach! [/expand]




P.S.: Rem did win for both Catch Me If You Can and War Horse. Bella sends her congratulations.


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