Steven Spielberg Is Exploring Possibility Of A Jurassic Park 4

Yep, you read that right, Steven Spielberg, Hollywood God and East Hampton resident who blew the socks off of theater goers with his new movie, “Super 8“, is sending waves of excitement throughout the world with the possibility of doing a Jurassic Park 4 movie.

The Hollywood Reporter launched a story that Spielberg and Hollywood screenwriter Mark Protosevich are in talks on how to relaunch the Jurassic Park franchise for a new set of movie goers.


Few things can beat a big blockbuster movie featuring dinosaurs eating people directed by Steven Spielberg. According to the story, both Universal and Spielberg are saying that the idea of launching a new Jurassic Park movie is in its infancy, and that no deals have been signed and nothing has been confirmed.

But come on man, how can you go wrong with a new Jurassic Park movie?


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