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Bartending Contest at the Boathouse

Some of the Hamptons’  most innovative bartenders showed off their flair at The Boathouse in East Hampton yesterday, putting together gin-based concoctions for three judges — two of whom are part of the Dan’s Papers team.

Nolet’s Gin, a hot new liquor with hints of rose and raspberry, was a sponsor of the event, and supplied spirits for the bartenders’ use.  The drink masters used the flavorful liquor to their creative advantage, creating unique cocktails. Dan’s Papers employees David Rattiner and Evy Anderson agreed that the race was tight and all drinks made were original and delicious.

Chad Walter of the Driver’s Seat in Southampton took the idea of the summer drink to a new level, using oyster, black truffle, and bleu-cheese stuffed olives in what the judges agreed was one of the most unprecedented bartending drink sensations they’ve ever experienced. The Boathouse‘s own Sasha Nikolic also came out strong, throwing together cucumber, mint, parsley, honey, ginger, pineapple, and graprefruit to make what he called the “Gintini Three Mile Harbor”, paying homage to the stretch that the Boathouse calls home.

The decision wasn’t easy, but the judges turned in a verdict after minutes of grueling deliberation. Jennifer Poto of East Hampton‘s Beach House came up with the best  summer cocktail. Her “Ginny,” named for her grandmother, was simpler — just some watermelon, mint, and lime — but undoubtedly refreshing.

Poto was honored that her drink was so lauded. “Since the gin I was using is fruit- and flower-based, I used watermelon,” she said. “The watermelon and mint are subtle flavors, so they don’t overpower the gin, which already has its own unique taste. I’m glad everyone liked it.”


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