Bella’s Picks: Old and New Friends

Rose, Bella, and Christopher
Rose, Bella, and Christopher

What an amazing week. Bella continues to hang out with old and new friends and devote herself to the Southampton Animal Shelter. She tries to make sure that her past is a part of her present. Bella loves her tried and true friends, but she is always open to possibility.

In reality, animals and people all must be open to possibility: nothing is perfect. One must try and explore, give life a chance: make new friends and grow. That said, when I got off the train this evening, I couldn’t wait to tell Bella about last night…I went to an unexpected party, hosted by Jonathan and Somers Farkas, at Le Cirque.

It quickly turned into a fun BlackBerry moment. Not knowing the guests on my right or left, I broke the ice with an image of Bella, the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation girl, and her new best friend, Bibi, a 3-month-old golden puppy. I told Bella that what really makes an evening special is when you learn, have the chance to meet someone you’ve never met before, catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while, and just maybe even find a way to reach out and help. [expand]

Sharing family animal photos gave me the chance to talk about the Shelter and introduce, to what turned out to be a table of animal lovers, the story behind the Shelter, its mission and importance in our community.

What brings people together more than animals and food?! Not much…and the combination leads to many cheery faces and an open collaboration on why having one, two, three or more animals in your life makes a difference. Perhaps even more, like Rick and Kathy Hilton, who are over-the-top animal lovers, have.

Kathy, who had just come in from Los Angeles after filming “The World According to Paris,” was as relaxed as ever and is always a delight to see. I told Bella, those Hiltons are hard working girls…maybe you can get a play date with Tinkerbell and tell her about the Southampton Animal Shelter and share some ideas for the West Coast. Maybe you could even invite her to the beach for one of your favorite walks.

Rick then brought out photos of his treasured cat Tiger. As Bella has two cat sisters and a brother, she was excited to hear that they also have a complete animal family. What really thrilled Bella was when I told her that the Hiltons (kids and all) are parents to a parrot, Sammy, and even more cats and dogs who they also revere.

What fun we all had as BlackBerries and iPads went around the table, and stories were told. It was so much fun! All of the sudden, we were sharing the loves of our lives: our cats, dogs, turtles and even an osprey. It was truly a night I will never forget.

What is so special is that Bella is the connector—a Golden Girl, now aging, but so loved. She brought a table together in a way no on else could.

It made me reflect on how she has been there for me and our family since day one; tried, true and devoted. Far more than a loyal companion—a true love and a giver.

Watching the joy at the table as everyone easily exchanged and showed off their images of their animal friends was so touching. I witnessed a room opening up to old and new acquaintances connecting through their animal friends.

I wished Bella could have been there to be a part. She was in her own special way! Now, when I get off the train, I will tell her the same story and celebrate her for what she has given our family and how she has taken me to new levels of understanding, love and reminding me to constantly share.

If you all have a chance, please come to the Shelter and find a friend…It could and will change your world. Then invite some friends to dinner and pass your animal photos around. I promise something positive will happen for an animal in need and people who once didn’t know each other will find a way to connect and change their lives.

It’s time for a swim in the sea…

In advance, many thanks for all of you who helped make Unconditional Love a HUGE success for the Shelter. [/expand]

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