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East End Kid: Love Math

If the Museum of Mathematics has its way, millions of kids will say that they love math. I went to a brunch party for MoMATH in Westhampton on Sunday. It was run by Carole Hankin, who has known me since I was real little. She introduced the heads of the new museum, opening in New York next year, to people at the Post Stop Cafe (I will always remember that name) and then we went to her home nearby. The museum will show kids how to love math. It’s not about adding and subtracting and all that stuff but puzzles and challenges that bring out the math and you don’t feel a thing. It is amazing how low America is on the math scale compared to other countries. I was the only kid there so everyone was paying attention to what I liked. I did some of those Rubik’s cube-type puzzles and I smiled so I guess people were happy. I  hope to go to the opening.

Remember, if you have an event, maybe I will attend if you email my dad, david@nextisland.com.

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