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Medieval Madness With Sir Ivan In Water Mill

Bravo television filmed Sir Ivan’s Medieval Madness Birthday Bash for model Mina Otsuka at his castle in Water Mill late Saturday evening for a new reality television show about celebrity chef Roble Ali, called “Roble and Company“. The bash included guests who were garbed in full medieval styled outfits that included men wearing armor and kings crowns, and women dressed up as princesses


Of course, there were also midgets there dressed up like Shrek.

The party was to celebrate the birthday of Mina Otsuka, who was donned as the “Dragon Goddess” for the evening and was to be transformed into a “superhero” as Sir Ivan Wilzig liked to put it.

The new reality television show on Bravo will come out in the Fall and it is called “Roble and Company”. Roble is a celebrity chef and he created the medieval menu that was at the party.

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