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Update: Plane Crash Victims Both Still Alive

A plane crashed into a cornfield in Sagaponack on Sunday around 10 a.m. The plane was a small two man plane, and both the pilot and the passenger were injured in the crash and needed to be hospitalized. The passenger of the plane, a 24-year old man, was reported to originally have died, but is now confirmed to be alive but in critical condition.

The names of the men were not released to the public

The pilot is reported to be in extremely critical condition after the crash. The pilot was transported to Stony Brook via Medevac helicopter.

The plane was identified as a Ryan ST3KR. The pilot was trying to land his plane at a private airfield on Foster Farm, but lost control of the plane and crashed it onto John White’s Farm in Sagaponack.

The pilots are part of a classic airplane club that were scheduled to gather at Foster Farm.

Both the East Hampton Town Police, The State and The Federal Aviation Commission are investigating. The Bridgehampton Ambulance also responded and took the passenger to Stony Brook.

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